PA1003 1st Generation Air Quality Sensor


If you are using the sensor indoors, you do not need to mount it or use the included aluminum mounting bracket. Simply place the sensor where you want it to be and connect the power. 


Before installing your PurpleAir sensor outdoors, you should first consider the following:
  • Your sensor as provided in the "bowl" housing is designed to protect the device from the elements while allowing the air to flow freely into and out of the sensor.
  • The power supply is not water proof and should be mounted so as to protect it from any direct rain or other sources of water.
  • A special technique is used with the wires to prevent rain water from running down the power wires into the power supply. This is called a "drip loop". Please follow the instructions for this!
  • It is best to mount the sensor on the shady (North facing) side of buildings.
  • It is best to mount it away from vents or other local sources of pollution like BBQ's. 
    This may not always be possible, but will produce better data!
  • You need a power outlet nearby and any required extension leads.
  • Once you know where the device is going, you need to attach the aluminum bracket.
    • Using either a cable tie or screw (or any other method you choose!) attach the bracket to the chosen location.
    • If necessary, attach an extension lead to the bottom of the bracket as shown in the images.
    • Slip the sensor into the bracket.
    • Connect the power supply and tuck the wires away.
    Attach the bracket using cable ties or a single screwSlip the sensor into the bracket as shown in this image

    The sensor is held in place securely.
     Attach an extension lead under the bowls as shown in this image
     The power supply is then protected from rain and snow
     Loop the wire so water does not run down into the power supply.