About the PurpleAir Map

Map markers display the Air Quality Index (AQI)

Get a Purple Air Sensor

Host a sensor on us: We place sensors at no cost in some situations and if you think you qualify to host one (we maintain ownership of the device) please contact us to explain why.

Buy one now: Due to the number of hosting requests, we decided to offer some devices for sale (pre-ordered) so you can get one of your own.

  • Purple Air Monitors appear as round markers
  • Other monitors appear as square markers
  • Markers jump and change color when updated in real time.
  • Click on a marker to see graphs, current weather link and more for that location

Info window control buttons:

  • [ X ] Hide info window 
  • [ + ] Increase marker size 
  • [ o ]  Reset marker size 
  • [ -Reduce marker size 
  • [ ? ]  Show help link