An air quality monitoring network built on a new generation of Laser particle counters. PurpleAir Sensors use WiFi to report local air quality in real time to the PurpleAir Map.

In the fall of 2015, Air Quality Monitors were installed along the Wasatch Front in the greater Salt Lake valley. The unique bowl shaped geography experiences frequent winter inversions and traps air pollution. Our goal was to understand and track these changes to air quality.

Update - August 18 2016

PurpleAir has been hard at work building, deploying and building more sensors. We are grateful to all our hosts and supporters who have helped us get to the 100 sensors online mark that we just passed! 

We designed a whole new prototype sensor that we can make in larger quantities. Unique to PurpleAir, the new design features dual laser detectors to ensure reliability and help us to detect any potential faults with the sensors. This hugely increases the reliability of the readings. The case is an experiment and a way to make them in larger quantities before we get more advanced, 3rd generation housings designed and made. This new housing would bring together experiences with PurpleAir sensors deployed in the field.

SCAQMD results are out and it's good news: The first generation of PurpleAir sensors scored extremely well against "federal equivalent methods".

Find the SCAQMD report here
As a result of these first stage tests, the SCAQMD is putting PurpleAir sensors through exhaustive lab tests that will show more performance related details. PA-II, dual laser counter models testing is already underway and we will share those results as we get them.

Getting a PurpleAir Sensor

Buy one now: The new, PurpleAir version 2 sensors with dual laser counters are available for $229 (contact us for more information on quantities discount).

What's In The Box
1) Dual laser counter + BME280 provides particulate, temperature, humidity and pressure.
2) Marine heat shrink pre-joined USB micro.
3) 5V 2A USB Outdoor Power Supply.
4) 33 feet of cable.
5) Mounting screws or Zip Ties.
* Includes placing your sensor on the PurpleAir map.

Full Product Information coming soon. 
Host a sensor on us: We place sensors at no cost in some situations and if you think you qualify to host one (we maintain ownership of the device) please contact us to explain why.

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